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"Need a hedge hug?!" This adorable one will not prick you. 


This colorful hedgehog Pencil Holder looks absolutely stunning.Handcrafted with lots of love and care to sculpted and create this one of a kind holder for your little one's scatter pencils.Keep all your stray pencils in one place!


And they also make great gifts !The perfect incentive for kids to write and organise.Also as a unique birthday gift or return gift.


Please also note that there will be small imperfections such as bumpiness, small dents, and/or specks of dust that got in during the making process. Due to the handmade nature of this item, colour and shape may slightly vary.From preparing clay to the final glazing  products are completely handcrafted so such inconsistencies are totally unavoidable.


Please embrace these perfect imperfections.



Sonic The Hedgehog - Pencil Holder

  • 3.25" Length x 3" Width x 1" Height

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